Baselworld Brand Book 2014

The Baselworld Brand Book gives unique insight into the world of watches and jewellery, and constitutes a “Who’s Who” for this dynamic industry.

The 2014 Brand Book focuses on the theme of 'Brilliance' and is being published for the World Watch and Jewellery Show which opens in Basel, Switzerland, on 27 March.

The chapters showcase the brilliant people, brands and designs that make the sector so unique, giving an impressive portrait of a diverse industry. In the Creators chapter readers can discover some of the exceptional leaders, designers and craftspeople who create the extraordinary pieces we love.The Faces chapter hosts more than 40 exclusive interviews with some of the most distinguished names in the industry. The Brands chapter profiles more than 190 watch and jewellery brands, and discovers some of the key moments that make them brilliant. There’s also an interview with Jacques J. Duchêne, the president of the Baselworld Exhibitors’ Committee, who looks at Baselworld’s brilliant past and its brilliant future, and an extended essay that investigates the diverse, but distinct, concept of brilliance by design commentator Stephen Bayley. The final chapter is filled with creative features that take a fresh look at the watch and jewellery landscape.

The Brand Book can be read online here E-Paper or with the free 2014 Baselworld Brand Book iPad App, available from the Apple App Store here Brand Book App. Both versions contain exclusive video content.