meet the watchmakers in geneva

Meet the watchmakers at Baselworld pop-up event

We look forward to welcoming you at our Geneva Watch Days pop-up show from August 30 to September 2 when we will present the new Baselworld to the watch community.

Please join us in person – or follow our live broadcasts – as we unpack the excitement around the novelties and collections from ten carefully curated brands.

You will no doubt relish the opportunity to be in this environment again as you discover new timepieces and meet-and-greet fellow watch fans and connoisseurs. 

CLAUDE MEYLAN The skeletonized artworks that emerge from the House of Claude Meylan workshops are steeped in tradition and history. The brand’s founding fathers were introduced to the fine watchmaking arts in Switzerland in the 18th century, making their mark initially with the design and manufacture of pocket watches equipped with movements and music discs. This passion for movement is a family tradition that extends through generations. Today Claude Meylan presents new shapes and harmonies on bridges, wheels and trains as they write new musical scores for their unique sculpted pieces.

©claude meylan

ICE-WATCH From its base in Belgium, Ice-Watch has been producing funky, chic – and now sustainable – fashion accessories for men, women and children who love their exuberant creations. Belgian designers dream them up on home soil, around quality Japanese movements (Miyota), before entrusting them to Chinese expertise in production and assembly, and Hong Kong organisation for logistics and distribution. Ice-Watch can do everything from sporty and urban to minimalist and romantic in multiple materials that feature in eight to 10 new collections per year.

BA1110D is a Swiss startup based in Neuchâtel. They are building their brand with the help of Afluendors (a word derived from ‘ambassador’, ‘influencer’ and ‘vendor’), a marketing concept that takes customer-centricity to a whole new level. The Afluendors create a buzz, share the love, and may pass on the right to buy a BA111OD watch. Then the company takes over to finalise the deal, ship the piece, and handle after-sales service. Just one look and you’ll be captivated! BA111OD uses lab-grown diamonds in their creations to avoid the environmental impact associated with mining gemstones.


BOMBERG If intricate, extreme, eye-catching, colourful tattoos aren’t enough of a positioning statement for an unconventional Swiss watch brand, see what a gorgeous bulldog mascot can do! Then just add CBD leaves extract – in this case to the dial of the BB-01 Automatic Cure the BullDog – and you’ve got it made. The dial of this piece features leaves from the CBD indica plant harvested from a sustainable plantation in Nevada, US.
A powerful Super-Luminova is used to aid legibility even in the middle of the night. Bomberg is really a state of mind: free, spirited, adventurous, and agile. Their story has been evolving since 2012.


IKEPOD The vintage watch from the future is back. Rebellious yet visionary, they have been innovating time machines since 1994 – starting with the lugless case concept for attaching the bracelet. Now, having survived a global recession and navigating the current pandemic, Ikepod is back with the Megapode. Lockdown saw famed watch designer Alexandre Peraldi apply the purest watchmaking codes from the first editions of this line revealed in 1997 to the latest 2020 collection. The new Megapode combines vintage and modern design codes in a luxury yet affordable watch. “Taste is not a question of price.”

SINN SPEZIALUHREN Founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1961, Sinn Spezialuhren has always focused on high-quality, mechanical watches. Their focus on technological development began when certified engineer Lothar Schmidt bought the company in 1994. The most significant among their innovations include Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, DIAPAL, HYDRO, [Q]-Technology, TEGIMENT, temperature resistance technology and the captive safety bezel, all of which are only found in their watches. Their innovations are developed around improving reliability, accuracy, legibility under water, protection from electromagnetic pulses and divers’ safety. Among their newest pieces are the 104 St Sa I MG, a classic pilot’s watch with metallic green shimmering dial and the U50 S mother-of-pearl S, a diving watch made from German submarine steel with a mother-of-pearl dial.

©sinn spezialuhren

RISKERS is a new French brand creating timepieces inspired by the WWI trench watch. At that time, soldiers attached leather straps to their pocket watch to fasten it to their wrist, making it easier to reach and read. It was also safer than having a pocket watch shattered by gunfire where it was held close to the wearer’s stomach. Riskers’ designs go way beyond the aesthetic, although every aspect of each watch is painstakingly thought through. The new collection is anchored in modernity – rounded, opulent and sensual to the touch – each one a tribute to risk takers who put others before themselves. The company motto is ‘Design For Bravery’.

©Furlan Marri

FURLAN MARRI was co-founded by two graphic designers obsessed with storytelling, and the detail and craft involved in producing fine watches. Collectors who saw the prototypes for Furlan Marri’s recent Kickstarter campaign were impressed by the vintage chronograph look, saying they were well balanced and the proportions were good. The campaign saw 2,032 backers reach the Furlan Marri target (a little more than CHF1m) in 30 seconds, said cofounder Andrea Furlan in an interview. The first batch of their Havana Salmon, made exclusively for the campaign is ready to be shipped. The watches are powered by the vintage mecha-quartz movement developed in the 80s by Frédéric Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre, who added a mechanical component to a standard quartz chronograph to try to add value to the rapidly growing quartz watch market at the time. Furlan Marri is proposing limited production at price points below US$500. When an edition is sold out, they will move on to the next storytelling project.

At Geneva Watch Days, you can also meet Ludovic Ballouard and David Candaux. They are esteemed members of Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI), the association that has been promoting handmade timepieces and young independent watchmakers for more than 30 years. Ballouard advocates living in the moment and questions our relationship with time through his quirky watch designs. Third-generation master watchmaker David Candaux works from his home and atelier in the Jura Mountains. His Master-piece Collection 1740 combines contemporary design with centuries of traditional watchmaking practices.

We look forward to seeing you at the show. Don’t forget to register!


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