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Portrait of Gucci CEO Piero Braga

Mai 13, 2019

The watch as a daring fashion accessory

Gucci president and CEO Piero Braga discusses Gucci’s design philosophy and what millennials want

What is Gucci’s niche in the watch world, in terms of price and design? Who are your customers?

Piero Braga: Gucci creates fashion watches that are different from anything else you will see in the industry. Our timepieces bring together a unique combination of Italian creativity, Swiss watchmaking and Gucci DNA. They are bold and distinctive, and designed to encourage self-expression. We offer a wide variety of styles and price points to appeal to different customers, especially millennials.

Can you tell us about the new watches this year targeting that market? Are you reviving or maintaining signature Gucci design elements and icons?

Our latest collection is designed to enable every individual to express their personality. Each watch features daring, unexpected details and is very much a fashion accessory as well as a timepiece. Signature house elements, such as the bee and other nature motifs, reappear in surprising and imaginative new ways. This makes each piece unmistakably Gucci and forges a seamless link between the watches and other Gucci collections.

What do you think is the most important design element about watches going forward?

I believe that creativity and innovation are key to standing out. Today, many customers – and especially millennials – are looking for pieces that facilitate self-expression. So, it is very important for us to offer a variety of styles that reflect different tastes and are easy to mix and match.

What is the future of the luxury watch market?

The possibilities for luxury watches in the future are endless, as technology advances and consumer preferences change. Gucci will continue to focus on pushing boundaries to create unique watches that stand out and inspire new and existing customers. As the industry is constantly transforming, the way we present our offering to customers and journalists also needs to evolve rapidly, affecting as wide an audience as possible.