Maurice Lacroix | Baselworld 
Baselworld Community District and Maurice Lacroix return to the Show for the 2020 edition

Oktober 10, 2019

Creation of the "Community District" and the return of Maurice Lacroix

For the next edition of Baselworld, which will take place from 30 April to 5 May 2020, Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director of Baselworld and his team met with many leading global watch brands with the intention of establishing the show’s strategy moving forward.

Listening to the specific needs of various companies, some which had left Baselworld, and others which had not previously participated, the show management was in a position to devise innovative new and adapted offers.

This is how the "Community District" was born, a new space located in the heart of the great Hall 1.0. The first brand that seized the opportunity of exhibiting in the "Community District" was Maurice Lacroix, who will return after a year of absence.

The "Community District" comprises a new set of several large buildings, each housing two to three brands. With its resolutely contemporary architecture, its transparency and its harmonised layout between the different spaces, whose two-level interiors can be customized, the "Community District" combines prestige, private business zones designed to accommodate large numbers of people, with important new experience areas for the general public; and joint work with the brands to support the evolution of Baselworld.

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix said: “The new Baselworld team was able to listen to our needs by proposing a concept that respects our marketing and distribution strategy. This international event will be a key milestone in our global roadshow. We were also seduced by the "Community District". This pavilion, designed by the organisation, is modern and contemporary, in line with our vision of presenting the Maurice Lacroix brand at international watchmaking exhibitions.”

Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director of Baselworld, added: "The transformation of Baselworld will not be undertaken solely by us. Together with all our exhibitors, whether they’re from the world of watchmaking, jewellery, stones and pearls, regardless of their size, we will conceive adapted solutions and initiate change.

2020 is a first step. With the creation of the "Community District", having listened to and initiated with the brands, we have set the change from the traditional B-to-B model to a platform of experiences for the whole community in motion. A community that encompasses everyone, from retailers and distributors, media, but also collectors, to end customers and aficionados. Attentive to the needs of brands, we wanted to come up with customisable turnkey proposals that meet their requirements and needs, especially for those who have extensive distribution networks, while developing large experience areas for the general public.

We are very pleased to see a traditional exhibitor like Maurice Lacroix return to the heart of Hall 1.0, a company that is integrating Baselworld as a central part of its calendar of various new product launch events around the world and throughout the year.

I am delighted with the magnificent work we have done with their particularly dynamic teams to create an innovative, elegant and efficient space in many respects, a result that validates the relevance of the new competitive offers we have put in place, particularly here, to bring back the established reputation of the watchmaking world."