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Meistersinger Bronze series

Juni 25, 2019

Beautiful bronze

MeisterSinger presents three models in new Bronze series

Watches from MeisterSinger stand for deceleration: each relies on a single hand to show the time to the nearest five minutes. The principle behind this display was inspired by the faces of early tower clocks, while its creative miniaturisation with no-frills typography and double-digit hour numbers is based on historical instruments. “We focus on the bound quality of time, the unchanging nature of the present moment, as well as on pause and duration – the human measure of time, so to speak,” says Manfred Brassler, who founded the German company in the university city of Münster in 2001. 

MeisterSinger currently leads the market in single-hand watches because, as Brassler says, each of his timepieces is “a handmade mechanical watch that is beautifully designed and runs precisely”. This principle is very attractively expressed by the new Vintago, a single-hand wristwatch based on the design vocabulary of the 1960s. The Vintago is also Brassler’s personal favourite: “We developed a new case with a brushed finish, and we gave the Vintago a highly domed sapphire crystal and a dial on two levels. In my opinion, this model looks most handsome with a dial in our characteristic ‘ivory’ colour.” It is a MeisterSinger in the best possible sense: clear, unambiguous and unostentatious, says Brassler.

MeisterSinger Bronze Line No03 AM917BRThe brand’s new Bronze line likewise emphasises the instrumental character of MeisterSinger’s timepieces. The collection comprises three of its best-known models. They boast cases made of bronze, a stable and resistant material that has been used for thousands of years and is distinguished by its ability to gradually acquire a patina, which gives each timepiece a unique character. The numerals and the hand in ‘Old Radium’, as well as the red tip on the instrument-style hand, contrast beautifully with a deep blue dial adorned with a sunburst pattern. One example is No. 03: with frill-free styling and a clean dial design, this MeisterSinger classic has won numerous design awards. Notwithstanding its ample diameter of 43 mm, this wristwatch is characterised by the elegance of simplicity. Six screws affix the steel back, which hosts a pane of sapphire through which aficionados can admire a Swiss automatic movement from ETA or Sellita.


MeisterSinger GmbH & Co. KG

With its single-hand watches, MeisterSinger goes back to the beginning of the art of clock making and shows us how charming it can be to tell time in its simplest possible form. It is the simplicity of design and function which attracts us and gives us a sense of calm, which is setting a counter-trend in our fast-moving times.

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