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Waleed Abumazen, Managing Director Orient Crown

April 23, 2019

Optimally secure protection

Orient Crown from Singapore offer a large selection of safes and watch winders

“We listen carefully to our customers before we design our products,” says Waleed Abumazen, Managing Director of Orient Crown. Abumazen also explains what his company has learned: “Sufficient space is important for people who want to store their watches securely. The safes should also be easy to use. And they should be affordable.”

At Baselworld the company impressively showed how Orient Crown’s products satisfy these requirements. The Singapore-based company brought a large selection of its safes and watch winders to Basel. Among these items were safes from the Signature series, which Abumazen describes as Orient Crown’s best-selling product family. The safes are made of solid steel with elegant high-gloss lacquer-coated ebony wood for the interior. Each safe is covered with genuine high-quality top-grain leather. Security features of the safes include spring-loaded re-locker and anti-drill lock plate.

Orient Crown SafeOrient Crown safe, opened


Abumazen emphasises that all models can be adapted to suit each customer’s individual needs. In addition, the company offers a door-to-door service for delivery of its safes.

The multi winders in the Eikon series number among the products that Orient Crown has developed for connoisseurs who always want to be able to admire their ticking treasures. This series comprises two models that differ from other multi-winder models because each is equipped with an automatic glass curtain. The curtain can be opened and closed either by touch or by remote control. The models in the Eikon series are designed with spacious interiors and high-quality tempered glass. Like all other Orient Crown products, they use a mechanism that guarantees silent movement. They are available in black and white. One version which is designed to store twenty watches and another to accommodate thirty-two models.

According to Abumazen, his company has seen increasing demand in recent years for safes and watch winders. “Watch owners want to keep their valuable timepieces safe and are willing to pay a certain price for that security,” he explains. Orient Crown is working hard to meet the great demand. The company launches a new design every three to four months, Abumazen says.


Orient Crown, Singapore’s home-grown brand, specialises in watch winders and luxury safe boxes. Fuelled by the parallel growth of growing demand for luxury watchpieces, Orient Crown grew steadily as a brand of choice, with its watch winders synonymous with the perfect meld of functionality and design.

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