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Tamara Comolli

April 30, 2019

“Casual luxury still has plenty of potential”

Tamara Comolli sets the course for the future

Last year, Tamara Comolli announced her strategic partnership with the NAGA Group. Matthias Heimberg was recently appointed Managing Director. In this interview, the designer from Gmund am Tegernsee explains what these events are all about.

What are the reasons for the changes in your company?Rings of Tamara Comolli

Tamara Comolli: After twenty-seven years of brand building with total and unflagging dedication, I have decided to realign the company towards the future. This means that I will be concentrating more on the areas of creation, the passion for gemstones and myself as the brand’s ambassador. I want to collaborate with an experienced strategic partner to strengthen the company’s backbone, i.e. finances, logistics, sales and marketing communication. This brand has immense potential, also internationally, but its dependency on me personally was simply excessive.

How did you find Matthias Heimberg as Co-managing Director?

I have known him for many years as a terrific partner on the customer side at Bucherer. Putting him at my side was absolutely the right decision! He offers me the opportunity to continue to serve as the brand’s ambassador because he supports me in promoting our continued growth. His experience in many areas is immensely helpful.

And what about NAGA?

It was a real stroke of luck for me to acquire the NAGA Group from Hong Kong as a strategic partner with an international team of experts and Damien Dernoncourt as CEO. An investor with strategic experience, expertise and a passion for building a boutique brand like Tamara Comolli fits in perfectly with my goals. This primarily means more security for our customers: the journey that started successfully with me continues. At our in-house exhibition, my customers met Damien Dernoncourt and Matthias Heimberg in workshops and came to appreciate them during the course of numerous conversations.

What are your top highlights for 2019?

I have had an extremely creative year and I finally dared to venture into the earring genre. I personally don’t wear earrings, so I had been very cautious in this area. Now there are also earrings for Bouton, Mikado with gemstones and Wave with my beloved teardrop trademark. I am also presenting a very special highlight: the India Dream Pendant, a small ornamental masterpiece that beautifully combines the spirit of the brand with a touch of the exotic. Furthermore, the Wave ring now gets a matching pendant with the finest diamond pavé.

What colours are you featuring for the 2019 season?

Colourful sapphires are a lot of fun for me at the moment. They allow a variety of coloured nuances. I deliberately play with these possibilities in my ‘Colour Stories’ and I also set accents with intensely pink spinel, my new favourite gemstone.

To what extent do ethical and ecological considerations play a role in gemstone purchasing?

As a high-end brand, we cannot afford not to question everything here. Visits to our suppliers, on-site inspections of the mines and cooperation with workshops have all become part of our standard operating procedure.

How important is Baselworld for your international business?

Baselworld is a standard, a style and a promise to our customers. We feel proud to exhibit in an environment that values us as a small brand in the ‘fine jewellery’ segment. We will continue to enthusiastically support the concept. Baselworld is particularly important to us for new business acquisition and international brand development.


Founded by German designer Tamara Comolli in 1992, the successful international fine jewelry brand, TAMARA COMOLLI epitomizes “barefoot luxury” and is known for its playful yet sophisticated and feminine designs and exceptional gemstone “Color Stories” – mesmerizing combinations of vibrant, precious stones. The brand has eight of its own boutiques in locations by the sea and around 120 points of sale, primarily in Europe and the US.

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