Victor Mayer interview | Baselworld 
Dr Marcus Oliver Mohr, owner and CEO of Victor Mayer

Juni 12, 2019

“Unusual jewellery for leading brands”

Dr Marcus Oliver Mohr, owner of Victor Mayer, about the brand’s strengths and product highlights

Victor Mayer from Pforzheim is one of the world’s top addresses for traditional crafts such as enamelling and guilloche. Its owner, Dr Marcus Oliver Mohr, presents a new interpretation of classic jewellery this year.

Where does the Victor Mayer brand stand today? 

Dr Marcus Oliver Mohr: We are concentrating on what we do best. We make no secret of the fact that we produce unusual jewellery for leading international brands. And, of course, we also target an international group of our brand’s fans, so we would like to further expand this clientele.

What is new and what comes from tradition?

Tradition is the source of our philosophy, our aesthetic and the extraordinary craftsmanship that we cultivate. At the same time, we integrate the potentials of technological development, both for production and for product development and, above all, of course, for marketing. As a creative mind, I am also intensively involved with current trends in fashion and design.

What is the brand’s international significance? 

Our clientele has been international ever since our company was founded. Our focal points are Central Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and the Far East. We recently opened a pop-up store in Shanghai: this event launched another phase in our development of the Far Eastern market, which is very important for us.
How would you describe typical Victor Mayer jewellers and their assortment?  

Our partner jewellers love beautiful jewellery and accordingly transform their profession into their passion. They are interested in our brand and they enjoy sparking their customers’ enthusiasm for the art of Victor Mayer.

What have been your highlights at Baselworld this year?

Victor Mayer Chevalière ringOur new Merian collection interprets the theme of medallion pendants with opulent enamel colours and eclectic, fashionable design. We also presented an extensive collection of signet rings: this classic theme is experiencing an incredible renaissance as a fashion accessory – and not only for blue-blooded people. As a third debut, we are showing a casual collection of pendants with breathtakingly beautiful guilloche enamel: these precious miniatures are perfect to wear as constant companions.

What motivated you to participate in this year’s Baselworld? 

The level of Baselworld’s jewellers is arguably the highest in the international trade show landscape. Nowhere else do we have the chance to welcome the whole world as our guest in slightly less than one week. Basel has been our most important trade show throughout the past forty years. And it will surely remain so.