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This is a not to be missed section for all the Brands news and communications before and during the show.

News from the Brands | Groh + Ripp OHG - GROH + RIPP – The experts for finest coloured gemstones

Groh + Ripp OHG
Mr­­ Bernd Willi­­ Ripp
Tiefensteiner Str. 322a
55743­­ Idar-Oberstein

Telephone+49 6781 9350 0
Telefax+49 6781 93 50 50
December 12, 2017
Stones and Pearls
GROH + RIPP – The experts for finest coloured gemstones
GROH + RIPP is a high-end gemstone cutting company based in Idar-Oberstein. They are specialized in finishing nearly all clients´ demands. All gemstones except diamonds belong to the company´s program.
Outstanding layout with mintgreen tourmalines, tanzanites and rubelites (114,70 ct.)