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News from the Brands | Michel Herbelin S.A., Montres - Michel Herbelin bids to Reconquer the UK

Michel Herbelin S.A., Montres
Ms­­ Stéphanie­­ Diana
9, Rue de la 1ère Armée Boite Postale 30
25140­­ Charquemont

Telephone+33 3 81 68 67 67
Telefax+33 3 81 44 05 48
March 12, 2018
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Michel Herbelin bids to Reconquer the UK
Four decades after it first moved into the British market, the Michel Herbelin French Watchmaking Studio has acquired its long-standing distributor Michel Herbelin UK, which becomes a directly controlled subsidiary.
Michel Herbelin - Management team - l to r - Benjamin Theurillat - Cédric Gomez Montiel - Pierre-Michel - Mathieu et Maxime Herbelin