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News from the Brands

This is a not to be missed section for all the Brands news and communications before and during the show.

News from the Brands | Schofer Germany - The Chain Company GmbH & Co. KG - Schofer Germany - ROCK THE STAGE!

Schofer Germany - The Chain Company GmbH & Co. KG
Mr­­ Mathias­­ Kohlhammer
Freiburger Str. 3
75179­­ Pforzheim

Telephone+49 7231 910 30
Telefax+49 7231 10 15 99
December 7, 2017
Jewellery Brands
Schofer Germany - ROCK THE STAGE!
Masculine yet elegant at the same time. Grey pearls, oxidised silver and PVD blackened steel. Men’s jewellery by Schofer. An indispensible accessory for the fashion-conscious man.