Antonio Papini s.r.l.

Founded in 1974, as family firm, Antonio Papini srl is grown up during the time implementing his own market and consolidating his commercial section.
Since 1987 it has developed the activity of production marked out by the pusher of factory 995 FI.
Passion, tradition, technical knowledge and creative fantasy are the bases on which are thought and realised all the jewellery signed by Antonio Papini, moulded at each stage of their production by Italian expert artisans highly specialised.
Their signature is readable in every part of the object, all realised with great care and precision making each jewel unique and exclusive. The beauty of jewellery flows from sure touch with gold, white or pink with diamonds and stones, moreover, they are combined together with natural or alternative materials as ebony, making the jewellery unique and giving authenticity to everyday metropolitan life.




Antonio Papini s.r.l.

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