Contemporary design, pure form, highest quality: For over 140 years, Niessing has been creating links between tradition and innovation. Today, Niessing is one of the world’s leading brands in contemporary jewelry design. Since 1873 until today, the manufactory and its workshops are at the heart of Niessing. Each piece is a precious original, manufactured specifically for the customer. Discover the design milestones and icons in our history from 1873 until today.


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  • 1.2 | A65

Products and Collections

The most beautiful colors of gold

Have you already found your color? The one and only color for your love? Perhaps two colors will be more appropriate?

The perfect symbol of your love

You wear your ring on your hand. And you carry it in your heart. Find the right Niessing wedding ring for your personality—and the perfect symbol for your love.

A diamond in the moment of tension

Pure, clear, and timeless: the Niessing Ring® is the solitaire of today.

Life is NOW!

The now is intense and full of energy – a powerful moment!