Time & Art

Time & Art

Time & Art
Presented by The Watch Pages

A brand new addition to Baselworld this year is the Time & Art Gallery. This highly-visual new space will be featuring 15 artists from around the world who find inspiration in the art of watchmaking. From sculptures to graphite drawings, paintings to photographs, visitors will discover a whole new artistic world connected to horology.

Throughout the week, some of the artists will be creating new works of art inside the gallery so the public can experience the artistic process and talk directly to the artists.


  • Berd Vaye
  • Cay Broendum
  • Cecilia Mendoza
  • Diode
  • Eleven11prints
  • Julie Kraulis
  • Kpavio
  • Marcus B. Williams
  • Nicholas W. Starr
  • Quentin Carnaille
  • Sunflowerman
  • TickerArt
  • Watches and Pencils
  • Watchoniste
  • Xavier Magaldi


Time & Art

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