Baselworld Experience

November 25, 2019

Experience, did you say experience?

Baselworld is all about experimentation, interconnection and entertainment.

All players in the luxury sector have understood the need to offer a real experience to their customers. And what is true at the point of sale is also true for any communication platform.

Baselworld is no exception to the rule. This is why many initiatives have been taken in this direction by the new management, as Baselworld Managing Director Michel Loris-Melikoff states: "More open, more friendly, more experimental, the new Baselworld formula is based not only on strengthening community spirit and creating content, but also on encouraging brands' creativity in the design of their exhibition spaces. We have taken a series of initiatives to promote the creation of innovative experimental platforms, with offers and solutions that stimulate brands to go well beyond the usual stands and concepts. We will not be transforming Baselworld alone, for it is all of us together that can contribute to its evolution". With the framework in place, it is now up to the brands to play!”

In concrete terms, Baselworld is offering more open, interconnected, fun and friendly spaces for the 2020 edition. For example, new experience platforms in the heart of Hall 1.0 that will allow exhibitors to pre-empt them - if not by building a new stand - and offer a "brand" and a "product" experience to all visitors. The same power of attraction applies to the new "Community district" and its customisable and visitor-friendly premises. Les Ateliers will be designed in the same spirit, while Show Plaza will offer live performances. Conferences and exhibitions will punctuate this new approach.

Some of the Baselworld exhibitors have long understood that the experience must be at the heart of the visitor reception. Following the example of Citizen whose stand, a true ode to mechanical poetry, is open to everyone for a timeless stroll. As a result, Citizen's booth was one of the most shared on social networks.

This validates CITIZEN Watch Co., Ltd Managing Director, Mr. Norio Takeuchi’s statement that the approach is justified: “CITIZEN Watch Group is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at Baselworld 2020. As one of the world’s largest show for watches and jewelry, we still believe it is the place for the industry to communicate the beauty and value of watches far beyond any single brand.

From 2018 when we celebrated our centenary, our aim has been to widely communicate the appeal and presence of the CITIZEN Watch Group through the “Time Theatre” booth which is open to all, based on our brand principle. It has become a place where visitors are free to liberate their mind around this notion of ‘time’ and enjoy the ‘time’ in their own respective ways. It is where respective brands of our Group unveil the innovative new products and we strongly believe that Basel is where our concept of “Time Theatre” thrives, because it is a place open to many brands. Continuously, we are looking forward to welcoming people at our “Time Theatre” to have them enjoy their time with us and hopefully we will be able to make full use of the opportunity to generate excitement across the entire watch industry with our fellow brands.”

In terms of experience, other brands distinguished themselves at the last edition of Baselworld. Following the example of TAG Heuer in particular, which dedicated a space open to the public so that they could touch and handle the watches on display. At Hublot, it was a video installation that was both entertaining and informative on the front stage of the stand that attracted attention - and made many visitors smile. Each of these initiatives has demonstrated, if need be, that the public is increasingly eager to be involved, integrated and engaged; an audience for whom simply admiring watches behind glass displays seems no longer satisfactory.

Openness, interactions, experiences, the recipe for the fairs of the future will necessarily pass through these contingencies. Baselworld's transformation aims to meet this challenge.