Uwe Ahrendt, Nomos CEO

August 14, 2019

“Building on success”

Nomos Glashütte’s ‘neomatik standard’ of movements will form the basis for future releases

Uwe Ahrendt, CEO and general partner of the German watch manufacture Nomos Glashütte, shares product news, talks about the importance of the Glashütte origin for the company’s image and about the appeal of mechanical watches for millennials. 

Mr Ahrendt, can you share with us Nomos’ product highlights this year?

Tangente Sport neomatik 42 Date, Nomos GlashütteUwe Ahrendt: Our major new release this year is Tangente Sport, an extra-robust version of our iconic Tangente model with a 1,000 ft (30 atm) water resistance. Powered by our latest in-house calibre, neomatik date, it offers outstanding accuracy – and its brand-new sport bracelet is both elegant and extremely hard-wearing.

As a genuine manufacture, Nomos Glashütte has impressed with some very innovative technical inventions in recent years. Which ones are you most proud of and what’s the next goal?

The most significant innovation from Nomos Glashütte in recent years is certainly our in-house escapement, which we debuted at Baselworld in 2014. We are now producing this part in series, which is at work in the groundbreaking neomatik calibres DUW 3001 and 6101. And we are continuing to build on this success. The new ‘neomatik standard’ of movements clearly forms the basis for future releases.

Nomos Glashütte is based in the small town of Glashütte, famous for its unique horological savoir faire. How important are these roots for the company’s image?

Very important. Glashütte is a protected designation of origin – only companies that create at least 50 percent of the value of a watch’s calibre in Glashütte are allowed to label their timepieces as being ‘Glashütte watches’. Glashütte has been the home of fine watchmaking for over 170 years. It is where our headquarters are based and it is the heritage that underpins everything we do. At Nomos Glashütte, we create products that represent ‘Made in Germany’ at its best. We are promoting this exceptional quality standard around the world and, as a result, delighting watch enthusiasts everywhere. 

There is a lot of talk about how to reach millennials. How is Nomos Glashütte working to convince them of the sheer beauty of a mechanical timepiece?

We’ve noticed that younger customers in particular are interested in our watches. The appeal of products that do not require updates or issue alerts but rather serve the wearer reliably for many, many years cannot be underestimated. Modern designs that are sustainably produced – such as the new Campus watches or our hugely popular Metro model – are attracting the next generation to fine mechanical timepieces.


NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte is the award-winning German brand redefining what it takes to make fine mechanical timepieces. As one of only a handful of owner-operated companies worldwide, NOMOS also has a groundbreaking in-house escapement to its name. Drawing on the long-standing watchmaking tradition of Glashütte, which is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, NOMOS stands for innovative technology and outstanding design.

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