Stand Construction

We have compiled information, tips and links on stand construction at Baselworld for you as an exhibitor. All important forms and documents can be found here. 


Billing declaration

With the Billing Declaration, you define in advance whether the exhibitor or the stand constructor shall bear the costs of logistical and waste-disposal services. The exhibitor enters and processes a declaration for his stand constructor(s) in the logistics tool; this declaration requires subsequent confirmation by the stand constructor.


Registration of Transports

All transports to the exhibition grounds must be registered in advance for a specific timeframe in the logistics tool.

If you have any questions, please contact the logistics helpline: +41 58 206 34 11 |

Work pass during assembly and dismantling

Obligatory access control for the assembly and dismantling of stands at Baselworld will be carried out on the basis of a work pass. This occurs in conjunction with the applicable provisions of the various labour laws.

Every employee of a stand constructor or its subcontractors must carry a personal work pass during assembly and dismantling.

Compulsory Work Pass

Start of assembly - 25 April 2020 
07 May 2020 - End of dismantling 

The stand constructors electronically create the work passes in the online portal and print them out for all their employees.

Why are stand constructors and their subcontractors required to carry work passes?

Online portal

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Legal information for stand constructors

Stand constructors must be familiar with the general legal regulations, especially those which apply to foreign employees. These regulations also apply to stand construction at Baselworld. Please read these regulations carefully and in advance. Your compliance is mandatory and crucially necessary!

Working and wage conditions for constructors of exhibition stands

AWA non-self-employed constructors of exhibition stands
AWA self-employed constructors of exhibition stands
Daily flat rate
Posting of workers to Switzerland

Foreign personnel

EU countries with the exception of Croatia

Employees posted to Switzerland and self-employed service providers from EU countries (with the exception of Croatia) must register via the usual registration procedure.

Notification procedure

Third countries and Croatia

Employees posted to Switzerland and self-employed service providers from third countries (as well as Croatia) can register:

Supplement: personal data for the employee
Work permit for foreign workers from third countries
Work permit for self-employed persons from third countries