Euronews, Europe’s number one international news channel, empowers people to form their own opinion. Euronews is unapologetically impartial and seeks to offer a diversity of viewpoints. Our promise to our viewers and guests alike is: “All Views, All Voices, All Welcome”.

As a media with a strong European and multicultural DNA, Euronews is a widely recognised and trusted brand, reaching almost 400 million homes across 157 countries. It reaches more viewers in continental Europe than any of its rivals.

Livingit is Euronews Luxury vertical. Euronews’ Livingit tells the story of the luxury brands, products and personalities that are supporting a sustainable future. We show our readers that they don’t have to compromise on a commitment to the environment to enjoy an elegant and fulfilling lifestyle. We bring together an affluent, environmentally conscious audience and the world’s most desirable luxury brands to inform and inspire consumers with stories that are making the world a better place.

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