Pictures of the Baselworld Daily News and models

octobre 02, 2018

The "Daily News" returns

The popular daily newspaper will once again be distributed in printed form at Baselworld 2019.

Featuring the latest models and collections on display, interviews with the most important CEOs revealing their strategies, and photos documenting events at Baselworld, the “Baselworld Daily News” has, every morning since 2005, informed readers about all the important events occurring at Baselworld and the many premieres to be seen there. The publication has also shaped the show’s image. Available at each of Baselworld’s entrances and distributed by hostesses with a personal welcome to visitors, the “Daily News” had a brief hiatus in 2018 and will return in printed form for the 2019 show.

“Many exhibitors and visitors said they missed the ‘Daily News’. They explained that it was an important part of the Baselworld experience and a great way to start each day at the show”, says Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director Baselworld. “We shall accordingly reintroduce the newspaper alongside the diverse digital information offers which we launched and which we are continuing to expand in 2019.” He sees a need for both channels: “Print does not exclude digital. Each medium meets its own specific needs. It is important that we, as a trade show, are represented on all channels. In the watch market too, mechanical watches and digital watches coexist side by side. Ultimately, it is up to each customer to make the choice.”

The “Baselworld Daily News” will appear in a more condensed form, with between 40 and 48 pages planned. It will be distributed free of charge on the first five days of the show, i.e. from Thursday through Monday, at the entrances of the halls and in Basel’s most important hotels. Approximately 10,000 copies will be printed daily.

Exhibitors once again have the opportunity to place advertisements in the “Baselworld Daily News” – and can do so at very attractive rates. Due to the smaller size of the 2019 edition, the number of available advertising spaces is strictly limited. If you are interested in placing an ad in the newspaper or if you have any questions, please send an email to us at: