Baselworld Chatbot

octobre 09, 2018

Intelligent show companion

The Baselworld chatbot gets an upgrade with new functions for the 2019 edition

“Baselworld Live News”, a chatbot-based information channel in Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Skype, which was launched in 2018, will be extensively upgraded for Baselworld 2019. In future, the chatbot will not only provide information about exhibitors’ innovations but will also offer additional services. It will now be possible to buy tickets to Baselworld directly from the chatbot. As a “personal concierge”, it will also answer any questions about Baselworld. In addition, it will also be accessible in other popular messenger programmes such as WeChat or iMessage. Registered press representatives will be able to have information and pictures of the exhibitors delivered to them in a separate area. As in the past, the 2019 chatbot will continue to provide information every two hours about the most important innovations of the exhibitors and events at Baselworld. Subscribers will also receive news sent directly to their smartphone during the year.

“With the introduction of the 2018 edition chatbot, Baselworld certainly assumed a pioneering role. Based on the experiences from 2018, and the new technical capabilities, we now want to further develop it into an intelligent show companion,” says Michel Loris-Melikoff, Managing Director of Baselworld. “Our vision here is: no matter what question or requirement someone has regarding Baselworld, with the chatbot they should receive a quick and uncomplicated answer or support.”