2 models wearing jewellery from Joerg Heinz

novembre 21, 2018

"There is a certain magic in every beginning..."

Jewellery manufactures Gellner, Jörg Heinz and IsabelleFa return to Baselworld

Among the 2019 exhibitors, Baselworld will welcome renowned returnees such as the German jewellery manufactures Gellner, Jörg Heinz and IsabelleFa. The owners report on the expectations they have regarding the appearance of their respective companies in the new jewellery hall 1.2.

Jörg Gellner, CEO Gellner: "First of all I would like to stress that trade shows are and will remain important for us - as long as the jewellery landscape remains as it is today. Our specialist retail partners are distinguished by a range of different, high-quality brands that fit together perfectly and complement each other. My wish for the future of Baselworld would be that this image would also be reflected in the halls. In the past, one had the impression that the placement of jewellery companies was more about distributing space than about creating a meaningful environment, i.e. placing brands according to orientation, price segment, etc. In the past, this was a very important aspect. I am sure that a higher level of exhibitor satisfaction can be guaranteed if the immediate environment is right. With the new "Show Plaza" in Hall 1.2, the first step in this direction has already been taken. We would be delighted if, in the run-up to Baselworld 2020, a concept could then be worked out together with the exhibitors that is equally promising for everyone."

Martin Heinz, CEO Jörg Heinz:
"Michel Loris-Melikoff and his team have set out to break new ground and revitalise Baselworld, especially in the jewellery sector. We would like to accompany them in this process, because change and transformation also mean new opportunities. The concept of Hall 1.2 takes this idea into account and the transitional year 2019 will hopefully be the starting signal for a new and forward-looking concept for Baselworld 2020. There is a certain magic inherent in every beginning…"

Mössner family, IsabelleFa: "In 2016 we decided to say goodbye to Baselworld after more than 30 years. The new concept, which promises a completely new start, has persuaded us to accept the offer. We are excited to see how the show will develop."