Carlos Rosillo, CEO and co-founder of Bell & Ross

janvier 18, 2019

“A very exciting show for us”

A chat with Carlos Rosillo, CEO & co-founder of Bell & Ross, about how the watch industry is evolving, what its future will hold, and how Bell & Ross is preparing for Baselworld 2019.

Mr Rosillo, during the past weeks, Baselworld announced many new concepts and measures for this year’s edition. What are your expectations of the show? 

Carlos Rosillo: I am sure this year will be a very exciting show for us! We will have many wonderful new novelties to present this year. Because we, as participants, want to ensure that our industry stays alive, we will be making a great effort to put on one of the best shows at Basel that will help highlight the importance of this great event! 

The industry is undergoing rapid changes. How do you perceive them? Where do they have the strongest impact?

Carlos Rosillo: I think these changes are affecting our whole world, not just our industry. I would say that one of the strongest impacts is the digital world itself. It directly affects the daily life of our industry, and, because we were able to see this early on, we were one of the first brands to develop a website and an e-boutique and incorporate them into our distribution. 

How do you as a specialised high-end watchmaker deal with these changes? How are they reflected in your products and through your distribution channels?

Carlos Rosillo: Today, we notice that moral conventions have evolved and there is no longer this psychological barrier of selling or buying luxury jewellery and watchmaking online. People are feeling more at ease and online purchases are increasing. Sometimes the difference lies on what we offer online. It could be an exclusive launch within the e-boutique for instance. There are also more and more pure players like Mr Porter or Farfetch on the market. At Bell & Ross, we try to always keep the excellence of the watchmaking craft at the forefront of our business. But at the same time, we are innovators, so we have invested in our digital platforms to ensure that our consumer receive the very best experience and can access all the information through our website.

What can we look forward to seeing from Bell & Ross at Baselworld 2019?

Carlos Rosillo: We are always pushing the boundaries of design and function, there are many new and exciting designs in the works, making their debut at Baselworld 2019 in March!

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross has become a benchmark in the world of professional aviation watches. It defines all codes by designing an icon, the BR 01, inspired by the clock in the cockpit of an airplane : a circle within a square. Bell & Ross is an international brand, present in over 75 countries through a network of 800 retailers and 13 exclusive boutiques. In 2016, Bell & Ross reclaimed control of direct distribution in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets, thus creating six new subsidiaries.

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