Philippe Belais, owner and CEO of Claude Meylan

février 14, 2019

“New ways to tell the time”

Philippe Belais, owner and CEO of Claude Meylan, the Vallée de Joux based specialist for skeleton timepieces, discusses the changes of the industry, the need to adapt to new customers’ requirements and shares first product news for Baselworld 2019.

Mr Belais, during the past weeks, Baselworld announced many new concepts and measures for the 2019 edition. What are your expectations of the show?

Philippe Belais: We participate at Baselworld to further develop our presence worldwide through retailers, agents and distributors – even though these channels are under complete transformation. The show is also a great opportunity to share news and communicate with worldwide press.   

How do you like the new location of Les Ateliers?

Philippe Belais: Perceived as the birthplace for creativity, innovation and independent watchmaking, Les Ateliers manage to perpetuate the interest once initiated by the Palace. We hope that the new location will echo the very specific atmosphere of the Palace. We believe that the new placement will have a positive impact on the influx of press and customers.

The industry is undergoing rapid changes. How do you perceive them? Where do they have the strongest impact? 

Philippe Belais: We could play with words and “rapid” should be immediately followed by “intense” and “deep”! The changes you are referring to are mainly driven by consumers and we instantly feel it from our distribution networks. Therefore, the strongest impact can be seen on our collection management policy to meet the customers’ requirements. At the same time, our distribution network is put under the beam since, today, it is still about the relationship between us and the end customer. The third significant keyword is communication which is directly impacted by the customer’s behaviour and expectations and therefore by its vectors.

How does Claude Meylan deal with these changes? How can they be addressed and how is this reflected in your products and through your distribution channels?

Philippe Belais: We are a small company and therefore we can react quickly. Yet, we have virtually no visibility where and how the changes are developing. That said, we continue to consistently express our values and savoir-faire. We are masters of a distinct niche which offers great opportunity to our partners to communicate. The future distribution network, rather unclear but nevertheless fascinating, will become our main preoccupation.

What can visitors to Baselworld 2019 look forward to seeing from Claude Meylan?

Philippe Belais: We are masters of open-worked watches and we offer the largest collection of skeleton timepieces. As “Sculpteur du Temps”, we continue to develop our savoir-faire to create new ways to tell the time, new ways to enjoy the beauty of mechanics and new ways to express our ancestral heritage. Visitors will enjoy the discovery of true watchmaking, true values and intense creativity expressed in the introduction of new Tortue de Joux.

Claude Meylan SA

CLAUDE MEYLAN SCULTEUR DU TEMPS In the depths of the Swiss Jura and more precisely in L'Abbaye, a typical village in the luxury watch making Valley (the "Vallée de Joux") where great winters gave birth to great ideas and achievements in time keeping, the family company CLAUDE MEYLAN SA maintains proudly the watch making know-how inherited from their ancestors. CLAUDE MEYLAN imposes a new interpretation of time by "stripping" and decorating each and every possible elements of the movement. The "Squelette" art is pushed towards new horizons. CLAUDE MEYLAN enjoys presenting refined and decorated bridges, wheels and gear train to express a new vision for time while setting a new art in sculpted pieces. Always in search for vintage and historical pieces, CLAUDE MEYLAN has an outstanding offer in traditional and reliable movements.

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