Lothar Sinn, CEO Sinn Spezialuhren

février 26, 2019

“We are hoping for a vibrant show”

A chat with Lothar Schmidt, CEO of Sinn Spezialuhren, about his expectations of Baselworld 2019, the challenge of digitisation and watch introductions.
Mr Schmidt, during the past weeks, Baselworld announced many new concepts and measures for the 2019 edition. What are your expectations of the show? 
Lothar Schmidt:
We are hoping for a vibrant, professional trade show where the world will continue to look with enthusiasm upon the variety of mechanical watches – even into the future.

In 2018, Sinn Spezialuhren was part of the exhibitors in Les Ateliers. This year, your stand is located in Hall 1.1. Do you prefer the new placement and will it the stand be different?
Lothar Schmidt:
Even though Baselworld 2018 was a success for us, we are very much looking forward to the new location within the new trade show concept. We think that with the new setting, its positioning is well-suited to Sinn Spezialuhren, as an independent German manufacturer of mechanical technical watches that distributes internationally. 

The industry is undergoing rapid changes. How do you perceive them? Where do they have the strongest impact? 
Lothar Schmidt:
Change is a constant factor and we must all meet these challenges. We carefully consider the challenges that are relevant to us and work out the answers to these together as a team. 

How do you deal with these changes and how is this reflected in your product strategy and through your distribution channels? 
Lothar Schmidt:
Our distribution channels, with sales via dealers, direct sales and our branch in Frankfurt’s Römerberg Square, are widely established. We are also working on a relaunch of our website so that, in the future, we can continue to remain successful in this area. 
Thanks to our direct sales strategy, we are able to identify our customers’ wishes directly and introduce these into new products. However, we will continue to develop and adapt our watches on the basis of functionality.

What are the major trends for Sinn in 2019 and can you already offer a sneak peak in terms of new timepieces? 
Lothar Schmidt:
I can give you a small hint: this year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Frankfurt District Watches.

Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH

SINN has been creating high-quality mechanical watches since 1961. Owners appreciate their high level of performance, their robustness and durability, as well as the quality and precision. Functionality is the highest priority. SINN timepieces feature a number of technical highlights that are included for practical reasons, and not because they are fashionable. In 2017 SINN moved into a new headquarters in Frankfurt with their production of watches and direct sales from a dedicated showroom.

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