Mohammed Mahmoud Jaffar, chairman Asia Jewellers, Bahrain

mars 07, 2019

“A great way to judge the new trends”

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar, chairman of Asia Jewellers, one of Bahrain’s leading watch and jewellery companies, is of the belief even though the upcoming show seems to be challenging, the organisers have implemented positive changes and measurements.

Since when have you attended Baselworld? How important is the show for your business? 

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar: I have personally been attending Baselworld for the past 13 years, but as a company, we have attended since the first Baselworld. Meeting our principles and forecasting our orders for the coming year based on product launches is absolutely necessary to gauge what kind of year we may experience in the retail sector.

What are the top reasons to attend Baselworld from your point of view? 

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar: Of course attending the show is a must as it is a great way to judge the new trends in the watch and jewellery sector, and a great way to see what novelties and ideas brands introduce for the new year.

During the past weeks, Baselworld announced many new concepts and measurements for the 2019 edition. What are your expectations of the show? 

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar: I feel it will be a challenging show for many exhibitors and visitors, due to many of the unexpected changes faced. But there have been some positive changes, as I feel the organizers are taking many of the exhibitors concerns into consideration. Changing the dates in collaboration with SIHH for the next year for example stands as a positive and needed change.

How should the show change in order to cater your needs and the needs of the industry? 

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar: Over the years, many brands have moved out of the show and started their private exhibitions which makes it nearly impossible for retailers to visit and see all brand partners in a convenient way. I wish that the Baselworld management took all necessary steps to unite all watch and jewellery brands under one roof again.

What challenges do you foresee for the watch and jewellery industry and the trade in the next 5 to 10 years? How do you cope with them? 

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar: The biggest challenge for retailers will be online platforms. With today’s clients being able to contact retailers all over the globe instantaneously, how can retailers innovate to maintain client relationships? Having a balance between accessibility and a unique shopping experience could be the answer.

How do you reach the attention of new target groups and younger customers? 

Mohammed Mahmood Jaffar: By continuing to educate shoppers on the work that goes behind the scenes in creating all these unique and wonderful pieces. We in the industry might take these things for granted, but many people are yet to appreciate the technical details and craftsmanship it takes to create something so easily available for everyone to enjoy.