Ezra Bekhor, CEO of LV Luxury Jewelers, Las Vegas, USA

mars 07, 2019

Feeling the pulse of the industry

Ezra Bekhor, CEO of LV Luxury Jewelers in Las Vegas, USA, says watch brands should continue to exhibit at trade shows.

How long have you attended Baselworld? How important is the show for your business?  

Ezra Bekhor: I have been attending Baselworld since 1998. It has been very important to attend all these years. This is where we meet with our brands to see the new introductions of products, review our sales history and look for important patterns and direction for the industry for the coming year.

During the past weeks, Baselworld announced many new concepts and measures for the 2019 edition. What are your expectations of the show?  

Ezra Bekhor: I am hoping that the whole experience will be more accommodating and welcoming. I hope for simple but important services, such as Internet access, to work easily, efficiently and be available throughout the exhibit halls. Also, I hope the hotels, restaurants and other services will have reasonable offers.

What challenges do you foresee for the industry and the trade in the next 5 to 10 years? How do you plan to cope with it?  

Ezra Bekhor: Trade shows are seeming to become less relevant in today’s world. Brands are often holding their own independent exhibitions, and, as we witness at Baselworld, some are actually dropping out of shows. This is discouraging retailers from attending group shows such as Baselworld. This also leaves fewer opportunities to compare introductions from all the brands and to see all of the trends. I would encourage all watch brands to continue attendance at trade shows.

How do you reach the attention of new target groups and younger customers?  

Ezra Bekhor: With our different stores and locations, we try to carry products and styles that appeal to the younger generation. We also aggressively establish our social media presence and continually promote via those platforms, and we try to ride the coattails of the brands that we carry.