Dr. Jan Becker, CEO, Porsche Design

mars 12, 2019

“Very excited to see the redesign”

Dr. Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Design, discusses the significance of Baselworld as a platform to unveil new products, gives insight into the independent watch brand’s DNA and talks about a unique exhibition concept visitors can look forward to.

Dr. Becker, Baselworld 2019 is just around the corner. What are your expectations of the show in light of the recently implemented new concepts and measurements? 

Dr. Jan Becker: For us at Porsche Design, it is crucial to use the right platforms to present our watch novelties to our target groups in an adequate setting that provides room for us to tell our stories. Helping us further sharpen and increase our brand’s recognition as a unique, fully independent watch manufacturer, Baselworld is expected to offer an even more attractive set-up for communication to the industry’s press, trade, and consumers than previously. We are very excited to see the redesign of the show come to life. Currently, I think it is of the utmost importance to offer a new, innovative concept to visitors, especially more media working spaces, which are both attractive and functional, as well as additional meeting spots for collaboration. The new concept is a very good starting point to develop the show concept and set new standards for all participants. I look forward to talking with our partners and getting their feedback. 
How important is Baselworld for the industry and for Porsche Design to unveil its new products?

Dr. Jan Becker: Having a common communication platform for increasing share of voice towards consumers is highly relevant to the luxury watch industry to share its efforts and achievements in continuous improvement and innovation. For Porsche Design, Baselworld remains extremely important, not only for presenting new products and concepts – like we are doing in 2019, but also to meet with our partners, clients, media, and end-consumers from all over the world in just one week. We expect to generate sales and have interesting conversations at Baselworld. This then becomes the basis for our future business, as well as future stories about Porsche Design in leading media and online outlets. I cannot say too much at this point, but we have a special set-up around our booth this year that will give you a  better idea about our unique story and how it pertains to the watch world. We are very happy to present our new exhibition concept to the public soon! 
The industry has been impacted by many changes over the past years. How does Porsche Design keep up with digitisation? And especially when it comes to tailor-made timepieces concepts like Porsche Design for Porsche?

Dr. Jan Becker: One special aspect when talking about digitisation is becoming increasingly important for Porsche Design, especially as it pertains the implementation in traditional daily business processes. For instance, the construction department is one of the oldest examples of using digital tools. That offers us opportunities in creating innovative, tailor-made concepts to approach existing and new customers. Today, consumers are extremely educated. They know the industry and know exactly what they want, in terms of product substance, but also in relation to product USPs. As a subsidiary of Porsche AG – hence being as close as possible to sports car engineering and development,  – digitisation plays a major role in meeting our clients’ demands and in approaching new customers. Deriving from sports car manufacturing processes, we have been developing a dedicated modular system enabling the production of individual watches according to our clients’ wishes, called Porsche Design for Porsche. It has been well accepted by customers of sports-car-related chronographs matching the range of top-of-the-line Porsche 911’s, like the Turbo S Exclusive Series, GT2RS, or the latest GT3RS.

Can you already share some product or company news to be unveiled at Baselworld 2019? 

Dr. Jan Becker: At Porsche Design, we have the goal of creating technically inspired products beyond the automotive world, yet with the same high standards of form and function distinguishing Porsche sports cars from its competitors. Achieving this objective means constantly questioning the status quo, developing innovative technical solutions, and conducting intensive tests to guarantee long-lasting performance. As a result, all Porsche Design timepieces have been made exclusively from titanium for years – without exception! It is a material well known for its antiallergenic, lightweight, and resistant characteristics. Another example, underlining our engineering mindset, is the Monobloc Actuator, launched at Baselworld 2017. Deriving from the functionality of the high-RPM mechanical valve control of the Porsche 911 RSR racecar, the timepiece team invented a fully case-integrated rocker switch, assuring precise steering and control of the chronograph’s functions without any pushers.
What’s next? 

Dr. Jan Becker: At this year’s show, not only will Porsche Design wow visitors with an extended, unique exhibition concept, but we will reveal an incredible product, which will once again set new standards in terms of functionality and design. We cannot wait to unveil our highlight of 2019 at this year’s Baselworld!