Al Coro Fashion Show

mai 14, 2019

Commemorating twenty years of Mezzaluna

Al Coro celebrates its icon with the Black Moon Edition

“The year 2019 is very special for us. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our bestselling 
Mezzaluna collection and also looking back on many exciting and successful years,” says Managing Director Alexander Corolli.

Al Coro Mezzaluna Bangle

To make this anniversary even more festive, Al Coro is presenting the Limited Black Moon Edition. It celebrates thepopular Mezzaluna design with a set of flawless diamonds. This precious edition is available in a limited edition of 20 pieces. Incidentally: mezzaluna means ‘crescent moon’ in Italian, and the jewellery in this classic collection is as romantic and beautiful as a starry night under a slender crescent moon. It is no coincidence that Mezzaluna is Al Coro’s icon: this line unites all of the typical features of the brand, with its Italian roots unmistakably evident in the playful designs. Alexander Corolli continues to rely on this success formula: “On the one hand, we offer striking pieces of jewellery that spark enthusiasm with graphic or organic forms. Crafted from solid pink gold and set with individual diamonds or glittering pavé, our jewellery is once again impressing aficionados in 2019 with its striking designs. On the other hand, more playful and finer jewellery with coloured gems is also be in demand this year. We are especially fond of combining coral and moonstone or smoky quartz. This juxtaposition enlivens many of our newest pieces.”

Looking at Al Coro’s bestsellers, Alexander Corolli sees a polarisation between two segments: “Our filigree, elastic bracelets are just as popular as our modern, playful Palladio collection. Both lines start with pieces of jewellery in an entry-level price class under 1,000 euros. But we notice that our more opulent and thus more expensive items are very well received by our clientele, too. Customers are willing to pay more for special quality and designs. Our new additions to the Mezzaluna and Serenata lines particularly inspire our customers with their brilliant pavé and eye-catching gold loops.”

The Cologne-based jewellery brand was founded by the brothers Daniel and Alexander Corolli in 1999, but its roots go back much further in time, as Giuliano Corolli, the father of the two managing directors, came from the jewellery town of Vicenza and worked as a jewellery designer for over forty years.

Al Coro GmbH

Al Coro, seated in Germany, has its origins in the 70s in Vincenza, the jewelry metropolis of Italy. Today, Al Coro is successfully represented in 17 European countries, creating enticing designs, marked by Italian Dolce Vita, passion for craftsmanship and almost half a century of experience.

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