Artexpo stand at Baselworld 2019

juillet 03, 2019

Let’s go shopping

Artexpo offers high-quality solutions to perfectly stage watches and jewellery at the PoS

Visitors to Baselworld’s Hall 4 could easily feel to enter a jewellery and watch shop – here, Artexpo had designed its stand to emulate a complete store with tables, showcases and a reception desk. “This setup enabled visitors to form a first impression of what their shop could potentially look like,” says General Manager Roberto Arnone, who is responsible for sales at Artexpo. This Italian brand presented its complete range of products at Baselworld. Artexpo’s portfolio is distinguished by its impressive combination of high-tech and Italian design. “We always try to be technically ahead of the market,” Roberto Arnone explains.

Artexpo showcaseWhat he means by this could be seen, for example, in the showcases the company presented. For these showcases, Artexpo offers a wide range of opening mechanisms, which range from the traditional key-lock variant to modern digital fingerprint solutions. The opening mechanism can also be triggered via smartphone or smart card. The control system is quite versatile, and so too are the ways in which these showcases open. In an automatic version, for example, the entire glass is lifted from the showcase’s body, thus making the exhibiting panel accessible. But there’s also a drop-down opening. This system allows one panel of glass to disappear into the body of the showcase.

Roberto Arnone emphasises that each individual product at Artexpo is tailored to meet the specific needs of its customer. 


Artexpo s.r.l.

Hall & Stand

  • 1.1 | E19
Artexpo s.r.l.
Via dell'Artigianato 29, Zona Industriale D3
15121 Alessandria AL

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