Baselworld Gift Guide

décembre 17, 2019

The Baselworld Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some inspiration for the festive season? Explore some of the latest creations from our exhibitors

Now that the decorations are starting to sparkle all over the city of Basel and the festive season is in full swing, here is a selection of gift ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping.

The Axis watch winder by Wolf

The Axis watch winder by Wolf is the ideal gift for watch lovers who struggle to keep all their automatic watches wound. With its clean sleek lines, perforated copper details, micro suede interior, locking glass cover, backlit LCD display and trusted patented technology, this contemporary winder will be a success with any watch aficionado.

Baselworld Axis

“Identity” by Damaso

The “Identity” Collection by Damaso features an alphabet of gem-set initials in yellow, white or rose gold with a choice of diamonds or exclusive precious coloured stones. Since 1970, Damaso has been creating innovative and stylish jewellery for the modern, self-confident, sophisticated woman to shine. These “Identity” necklaces will certainly get her noticed.

Baselworld Damaso

The T-RX R2R Tape Recorder by Metaxas & Sins

If you have an audiophile in your family, the T-RX R2R Tape Recorder is the dream gift. This portable, reel-to-reel, analogue tape recorder is designed for ultimate location recording. For info: The biggest names in the music business still use open reel analogue tape recorders for recording concerts, for example. Not only is it the height of audio technology, it also looks like a piece of kinetic art and will look good in any home or office.

Baselworld Tape Recorder Baselworld Tape Recorder

Lilliana ring by A. Odenwald

The Liliana ring by A. Odenwald is one of the jeweller’s latest creations. It comes in 18-karat rose gold with a choice of gold-beryll or amethyst gemstones. Every ring is hand-crafted in the brand’s workshops in Pforzheim, Germany, to the highest standards of creativity and craftsmanship.

Baselworld Odenwald Baselworld Odenwald

The Illusion watch safe by Buben & Zorweg

This beautiful compact safe was made to provide a quick-and-easy solution to safeguarding one’s valuables in the office or bedroom when there isn’t time to go to the safe. The Illusion safe is unlocked using biometric fingerprint technology or a transponder chip. Once activated, it raises its contents elegantly upwards. It comes in a choice of black or brown leather, or black or blue alcantara.

Baselworld Buben Baselworld Buben

Iconic Motion Collection by RF Jewels

The Iconic Motion Collection by RF Jewels includes these fun bangles that can be personalized with diamond-set letters to write a first name or an inspiring word. The letters are inserted into the bracelet from the side, and once inserted, can slide around to create movement. The collection also includes necklaces on the same theme. RF Jewels originates from Rome, Italy and loves nothing more than to combine ancient jewelry traditions with minimalist avant-garde design, as the iconic Motion collection proves so well.

Baselworld Icon Motion Baselworld Icon Motion

Extravagance necklace by Clioro®

This sensual and voluminous necklace by Clioro® has been inspired by nautical forms with links that are reminiscent of a ship’s anchor chain. Crafted in rose gold, each necklace also features single white gold links set with diamonds. Each creation is exquisitely crafted by Clioro’s highly skilled specialists who unite traditional jewellery craftsmanship with the very latest technology. The Extravaganza collection also includes bracelets, bangles and earrings.  

Baselworld Clioro

Europa Star Club

Europa Star Magazine is one of the oldest watch magazines dating back to 1927. The company has always kept meticulous records and archives of its articles and magazines and has slowly been digitalizing them over the last few years. A subscription to the magazine now includes full access to these archives, going back to 1950 (earlier archives will follow soon), along with a copy of the magazine, which comes out six times a year. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is passionate about the history of watchmaking.

Baselworld Europa Star