Dialumen Tray with lamp

juin 18, 2019

Always in the right light

Dialumen combines a tray and a lamp

The right light in the right place at the right time: this is precisely what Dialumen’s presentation tray offers jewellers and watchmakers. The special feature of this innovative tray is its integrated lamp, which illuminates the displayed jewellery products and watches. Dealers presenting their products with this tray do not have to search for the right light because they always has it with them. “Many of our customers have asked us for exactly such a solution,” explains Dialumen’s Vice President Cyril Pilet. “They have often been peeved by the inconvenience of not having the right light available when they present their jewellery.”

Pilet explains that this combination of tray and lamp is ideal for private viewings, trade shows, events and retail boutiques. It comes with rechargeable batteries, which last up to five hours, and can then be recharged like a smartphone. The light can also be instantly modified from very warm (yellow) to very cold (white). After a successful presentation, the LED arm disappears into the tray’s frame for easy storage. 

Dialumen also plans to equip the presentation tray with GEMLED lighting technology, which is likewise on display at the company’s stand. This technology mixes different LED light sources to achieve very high-fidelity colour rendering which keeps the diamonds white with a strong sparkling effect and renders coloured gemstones and gold alloys in their true colours. GEMLED thus comes extremely close to the ideal goal of recreating the illumination of natural sunlight, Pilet explains.