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avril 10, 2019

Labels with added value

Ferdinand Eisele premiered the multi-user ‘Business’ version of its extra4 software at Baselworld

This program equips its user with a tool for classifying and identifying gemstones. The software processes data on coded labels. Each label is marked with the unique identity of its accompanying gemstone as an encrypted imprint. Scanning the coded data provides the user with all relevant information at any desired time. This eliminates time-consuming manual recording, thus saving time and money. 

Users store data about all varieties of gems of relevance to them, along with the corresponding qualities, cuts and shapes, in the extra4<gemID> software. The software uses these data to classify the gemstones and assign an appropriate classification to each one. Together with its carat weight, this classification system creates a unique profile for each individual gemstone. The profile is encoded by the program and then printed on a label in three forms: as a mnemonic key for trained sales personnel, as a machine-readable matrix code for the scanner, and as excerpts in plain text for discussions with prospective customers.

The previous single-user solution of extra4<gemID> works as the “Basic” edition with a database installed on the local computer of the workstation. The new ‘Business’ software edition utilises a multi-user client/server database, which permits direct access to the data from any number of workstations. In addition, Ferdinand Eisele’s IT subsidiary extra4 Software+Services is developing a software version for the use of RFID radio technology. 

RFID is more time-consuming and costlier for users than a barcode system, with RFID labels costing up to ten times more than the conventional option. However, extra4 Software+Services considers the added investment worthwhile because of the improvements from the seamless monitoring of all merchandise movements from radio technology. The complete stock of an entire store can be recorded very quickly. RFID can be a worthwhile investment, especially if inventories are carried out daily or even several times per day. Yet to ensure that the additional effort and expense ultimately bring monetary savings, the experts from extra4 Software+Services recommend that radio technology be used for jewellery in the higher-priced segment.

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Ferdinand Eisele GmbH specialises in the production of labels for product identification and process organisation. Under the brand "eXtra4 Labelling Systems", the company operates in the jewellery, watch and gemstone industry and trade among the world's leading suppliers. Software development and hardware sales make Ferdinand Eisele a provider of complete labelling systems. The subsidiary "eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH" supports several thousand licensed users of eXtra4 software worldwide.

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