Franck Dubarry Portrait

juillet 16, 2019

Moments of truth

Franck Dubarry, founder of the eponymous brand, brings us up to date on 
products and markets

Why are you using the strapline ‘Moment of truth’?

Franck Dubarry: Because it is the moment of truth for Baselworld and for me too! After the success of TechnoMarine, I created my Franck Dubarry brand in 2015. And it took two years to design a new high-end collection with watch complications that would compete with international brands. It has been a real challenge.

Can you tell us about the new complication?

Franck Dubarry Crazy WheelWe have developed a new model, the Crazy Wheel 2 Gravitational GMT, with a second main time (home time) running at the same time as local time. The hours are displayed on a counter which is linked to the minute hand by a 360-degree rotating bridge. This particularly technically advanced watch combines various cutting-edge materials such as titan-
ium and multilayer carbon.

Who is the target group?

I am targeting a new generation of customers aged around 35. And I actually asked myself what would strike a chord with the new generation. They are looking for something other than a luxury brand with an ancestral history. These new customers want a watch with a unique design and distinctive complications.

In which countries have you been particularly successful?

Our growth countries are currently China and Eastern European countries. These countries have customers who are mainly looking for technical innovation and design. We are present in China thanks to social networks and are about to invest in the Chinese App WeChat which is an essential tool.

You make many contributions to the sporting world...

That’s right, I am a high-level sporting performer in karate and polo and have a high regard for these values. The moment of truth is also when you are faced with an adversary where everything could change dramatically. I love this challenge of pushing yourself to the limits.

You also make contributions to a number of sports ambassadors.

Yes, I present the brand’s universe across different sports with famous ambassadors such as the French Alpine skier Antoine Dénériaz for the watch Crazy Wheel Titanium. I am also involved with the association ‘No Difference’ which allows people with disabilities to take part in sporting and artistic activities.

Do you also offer ladies’ watches?

They represent 1/3 of my collection. One new model is the Crazy Wheel Lady, adorned with a mother-of-pearl dial and a bezel inlaid with diamonds. We have different versions with pink mother-of-pearl or midnight blue with a sky motif. Unlike your early days, you are no longer immersed in the history of the French revolution? No, I prefer inciting a revolution of watchmaking codes. I present a new way of looking at watch-
making and am particularly interested in young, modern people who are going to write the new history!