Patrick Aeschbacher, owner and co-managing director Frieden AG

mai 27, 2019

“An inseparable couple”

Frieden’s owner and Co-Managing Director Patrick Aeschbacher about the significance of Baselworld for his company

Thun-based jewellery manufacturer Frieden celebrated its 120th anniversary last year. Former owners Thomas and Charlotte Frieden handed the reins of the family business to Brigitte and Patrick Aeschbacher in January 2018. We spoke to new owner and Co-Managing Director Patrick Aeschbacher.

What significance does Baselworld have for Frieden?

Patrick Aeschbacher: Frieden is one of the initiators of the jewellery and watch pavilion, which co-founded the trade show in its present form in 1954 when it was still called MuBa (Mustermesse Basel, or Basel Sample Fair). Back then, it consisted of approximately six exhibitors from the jewellery and watch sector. Frieden has exhibited at Baselworld each year without interruption ever since. This tradition alone makes Frieden and Baselworld an absolutely inseparable couple!

Moreover, our international target group consists of jewellers who carry elite brands, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe or Chopard, so for us as a Swiss jewellery company it was an important signal that these manufacturers have decided to continue to exhibit here. As a family business, we share the values and ideals of many family-run firms. We also want to address these customers in the international markets more to support them in the challenging competition with international groups. Baselworld is very often our only opportunity to meet international customers because we largely avoid cost-intensive distribution in many markets. This also shows that Swiss jewellers and an attractive price-performance ratio are by no means contradictory.

Frieden sapphires navette-cut setWhat special features can visitors expect from Frieden?

Frieden is very well positioned and offers attractive prices in the diamond and coloured stone jewellery sector, but we also specialise in high-quality coloured stones. Here, we share the passion of our company’s Senior President Thomas Frieden, and we also continue it with his support, his extensive network and his expertise. Baselworld is the ideal venue for presenting our expertly selected unique coloured gemstones (also at higher price points) to the international purchasing public.

From 2020, Baselworld and the Geneva Watch Salon have synchronised their calendars. How will this scheduling change impact your company?

We are very pleased about the coordinated timing. The two separate dates were somewhat inconvenient for international customers, who now no longer have to travel to Switzerland twice within just a few short months. From our point of view, this development is a step in the right direction. It will stimulate both shows and strengthen the international competitive ability of the European watch and jewellery industry.


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Frieden, Schweizer Schmuckmanufaktur seit 1898, ist führend in der Herstellung von feinem Schmuck mit Diamanten und Farbsteinen in 18K Gold und Platin sowie im Handel mit seltenen Farbedelsteinen (G.G. GIA/Experten SGG für Edelsteine). Frieden, Swiss Jewellers since 1898, produces fine jewellery in 18K gold and platinum with diamonds and coloured gemstones and is specialised in trading top-quality, rare gemstones (G.G. GIA/Experts Swiss Gemmological Society).

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