Joerg Gellner, CEO of Gellner from Wiernsheim, Germany

août 07, 2019

“We purchase directly from the farms”

Gellner CEO Jörg Gellner sees cultured pearls on an upswing again

Gellner offers a wide range of the finest jewellery creations with the jewel from the sea as well as loose pearls and strands. In this interview Jörg Gellner, the CEO of the manufactory in Wiernsheim, Germany, talks about the latest trends on the pearl and pearl jewellery market. 

What are you observing on the international markets for cultured pearls? 

Jörg Gellner: Akoya cultured pearls in small sizes are increasingly rare and therefore more costly. Multicoloured Tahitian cultured pearls in good qualities are likewise in great demand. They are becoming increasingly rare due to environmental influences. However, the elimination of export controls in 2017 caused an oversupply of low-grade Tahitian cultured pearls. Among freshwater cultured pearls, we are seeing increased demand for white pearls. Prices are rising, especially for good-quality pearls, due to reduced production. Pearl cultivation in general is increasingly threatened by environmental pollution and climate change. Sustainability and environmental protection are essential for all of us.

To what extent is Gellner involved in this issue? 

We work exclusively with selected, renowned pearl farmers who do their utmost to protect the paradise where cultured pearls thrive. Pearl-bearing oysters are very sensitive, so cultivation is possible only in an intact ecological system with crystal-clear water. Each cultured pearl is therefore a little piece of environmental protection. 

Gellner Castaway necklacesWhat are this year’s trends in pearl jewellery?

Delicate, feminine pieces are very popular. Our new models in the successful Castaway and Rendezvous lines cater to this. At the same time, highly expressive models are also in demand. Our ‘Stars in Heaven’ design, which has won several international awards, exemplifies this.

What have been your jewellery highlights for Baselworld 2019?

We presented new models in the colour combination of black pearls with pink gold, which we call ‘Dark Beauties’. We are also showing richly detailed new Castaway designs with pink gold chains and black diamonds. 

Are you also offering loose pearls? 

Of course, we are also offering both loose pearls and strands of pearls. We wish to communicate our many years of pearl expertise to the outside world more intensively. After all, we are Europe’s largest direct importer of Tahitian cultured pearls. We were also able to persuade cultivators to give us preferential access to Akoya pearls, so we are now also the ideal contact for these beauties. And we work exclusively with selected pearl farmers with whom we maintain personal relationships. This makes it possible for us to purchase directly from the farms.

How important is Baselworld for your business? 

Baselworld has always been relevant for Gellner because it enables us to serve our international customers, such as those from Russia, the USA, Ukraine and Australia, as well as from the Caribbean and Africa. Thanks to its international high-end audience, Baselworld is indispensable for every jewellery brand in the luxury segment that wishes to precisely target its desired customers. Retailers who carry Rolex or Patek Philippe watches, in particular, are usually present at the show and are happy to seize the opportunity to visit us.


Pearls have always sparked the imagination and conquered hearts. The 50 years long history of the manufacturer Gellner makes this evident. It is marked by the love of precious cultured pearls and the enthusiasm for innovative jewellery design. Since the beginning, the core of the company’s philosophy has comprised first-class quality, extraordinary design and personal relationships to partners and pearl farmers. “Handmade in Germany”, Gellner jewellery guarantees to make a dazzling impression.

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