Nicole and Sandra Ripp Protrait

juillet 10, 2019

“It’s in our genes”

Nicole Ripp and Sandra Ripp are motivated by passion for the world of gemstones

Nicole Ripp, responsible for coloured gemstones, and Sandra Ripp, head of the technical department, are the next-generation Managing Directors at the Groh + Ripp family business. They keep the world of gemstones in motion with women’s power and passion.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Nicole Ripp: I am fascinated by the colourful variety in which gemstones occur. These genuine miracles of nature repeatedly prove that the world is beautiful.

How did you get your passion?

Sandra Ripp: It’s in our genes. Our parents Stefanie and Bernd Willi Ripp gradually built up the company over 45 years, but its roots go back much further, at least to our ancestor Otto Bengel in 1910.

Where do you see your strengths?

Sandra Ripp: Working with numbers and plans is my profession. For example, I love to see how CNC machines cut raw gemstones into wafer-thin dials while maintaining tolerances in the fraction-of-a-millimetre range. Every order requires precise planning. Together with the customers, I draft and revise the projects until the results are perfect. We collaborate here with leading companies in the jewellery and watch industry – and they insist on the very highest standards of quality.

Nicole Ripp: Plenty of imagination is a primary prerequisite when working with coloured gems because the rough stones are usually inconspicuous at first. I support all of the processes along the way to the finished jewel.

What is your favourite material?

Nicole Ripp: My favourite is definitely the emerald. Specimens from Colombia, in particular, with their blue-green glow are incomparably beautiful. It is important to me that the gemstone’s quality is ‘Minor Inclusions, No Oil’. Those are the noblest specimens of this variety and they are becoming increasingly rare.


For more than 50 years GROH + RIPP offers fine single gemstones, a first class fabrication and a reliable service. The production includes cutting of fine gemstones as well as large objects. The huge stock of more than 70 different gemstones contains e.g. ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, red spinel, imperial topaz, tanzanite, aquamarine, morganite, beryl, green tourmaline, Paraiba tourmaline, rubelite, mandarine garnet, tsavorite, peridote, coral, lapis, turquoise, burmese jade.

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