Heinz Mayer, Wings, from Bentley Jewellery

avril 10, 2019

Lending wings

Heinz Mayer launches the new Bentley Jewellery collection exclusively at Baselworld

Heinz Mayer of Idar-Oberstein is one of the most renowned German addresses for precious jewels. The company processes the finest diamonds and coloured gemstones into classic jewellery creations. At Baselworld it announced its cooperation with the British luxury car manufacture Bentley and presented two collections for the launch: “Wings” and “Everlasting”. They are made in 750 gold and 950 platinum with diamonds. There are also plans to place limited editions in the high-end jewellery sector with coloured gemstones. 

“Bentley is synonymous with luxury and this extends far beyond the vehicles,” says CEO Stefan Mayer, who runs Heinz Mayer with his brother Frank. “Bentley and Heinz Mayer share many common values, and we believe that partnering with such a special British luxury brand is a perfect fit for us. We share the same passion for quality, craftsmanship, exquisite details and the creation of something unique for our customers. This collection brings something completely new to our industry and we are very excited about the collaboration.“

Frank Mayer: “Like Bentley, we are proud to be able to offer our customers hand-crafted pieces that respond to every request. The inspiration for these collections came from the Bentley Wings, the logo of the brand, which also inspires the interior design of the cars.” 

Stefan Mayer: “We took up this symbol and designed pieces with the same shapes and lines to make sure that the collections are truly authentic and unique.” The collections were developed in close collaboration with the design team from Crewe, the company’s headquarters in England. This was an exciting process and both sides learned a lot about each other’s core competencies and skills.”

Stefan Mayer sees potential customers for Bentley Jewellery as being lovers of exquisite craftsmanship who value beautifully made pieces using the best materials. They are customers who are very quality-conscious and know exactly what they want. A complete brand world has been developed under the name of Bentley Jewellery. It includes packaging, warranty cards and marketing materials. 


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