Leo Pizzo with his children Tancredi and Rocco and his wife Sara. (from left)

avril 10, 2019

The ongoing pursuit of perfection

Leo Pizzo, the jeweller who does not give up producing in his own laboratory.

Leo Pizzo designs and produces his jewellery in Valenza, the capital of fine jewellery. Elegance, wearability and extraordinary lightness are his unmistakable signature. The Italian designer is flanked by his wife and two sons, Tancredi and Rocco Pizzo. They talk to us about the family business and the Venezia collection launched at Baselworld.

How long have you worked at the company?

Tancredi Pizzo: Officially for seven years, and my brother for three. But we never noticed the transition, because at home the company has always been part of family life. To all intents and purposes, we were born into it. They have been bringing us to Basel since we were very young. Although it was a bit hard when we were in high school, because we had to miss eight days of classes due to the show. But today, as graduates, we are grateful to our parents for having given us this dual education.

Is the show particularly relevant for your business?

Rocco Pizzo: Yes. And I think Baselworld was right not to open its doors to exhibitors that don’t really fit in with the context. Maintaining a high standard should be a win-win situation, even if the industry is not experiencing one of its best periods at present. What is needed is not loads of traffic made up of random visitors but an influx of qualified customers. And they are by no means lacking, because also on show here are those brands of watches that are a beacon for the world of luxury.

Bracelet and ring from Leo Pizzo's Venezia collectionRing and earrings from Leo Pizzo's Venezia collection


Which new pieces have you been presenting this year?

Rocco Pizzo: As always, we have presented some new collections. The most important this year, and also the most precious, is Venezia, which our father has designed with the lightness and openwork that have been his hallmark in recent times and has attracted great appreciation. The openwork is inspired by the Gothic, quasi-Moorish forms of the vaults of the Palazzo Ducale, one of the most beautiful buildings in Venice. Apart from anything else, the tribute to the city of the lagoon is no coincidence: We opened our fourth Italian boutique, in Venice’s Piazza San Marco, in July.

Do you have a strong sense of belonging?

Tancredi Pizzo: I believe that in our world Italian style and know-how are important qualities. What‘s more, we are from Valencia, and for a jeweller this is synonymous with the highest quality and perfection. Let’s never forget that our signature, the family name, is on the warranty, and this is one more reason why we are committed to providing an 
impeccable product. Producing everything at home as we do can be a very challenging choice, as we live in the age of outsourcing. However, that choice is another thing our father has been known for since he began to create his own jewellery, now almost 50 years ago.

Leo Pizzo

Precise attention to details and high quality materials used: gold, diamonds and precious stones. It is the deep experience and taste that let Leo Pizzo create very exclusive jewels for a demanding and selective clientele.

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