Jörg Heinz Mystery Sphere

avril 16, 2019

Happy birthday, Mystery Sphere!

Jörg Heinz celebrates the tenth anniversary of his ‘quick-change artist’ with a special edition

The Neulingen-based Jörg Heinz jewellery studio first presented its Mystery Sphere clasp exactly 10 years ago. Managing Director Martin Heinz recalls the successful model’s launch: “It caused quite a sensation and was a topic of conversation in the industry.” The convertible clasp marked the “start of a journey that continues to this day,” Heinz adds.

Changing, playing and combining were already the family business’ core competences. With the debut of the Mystery Sphere, they focused on a spectacular design object that needed just a gentle click to hide or reveal its precious secret, entirely at the whim of its wearer. The ingenious clasp has become an iconic product of the Jörg Heinz manufactory, which has since introduced many variations of this ‘quick-change artist’ in various sizes. The 13-mm version posed a technical challenge for the atelier, which topped that success with 2018’s even larger 25-mm model, to celebrate the firm’s 50th anniversary. 

Jörg Heinz Mystery Sphere on a chainParticularly popular is the glossy gold Mystery Sphere clasp, inside which a gently shimmering pearl alternates with fiery brilliant-cut diamond highlights, which also adorn the anniversary model unveiled at Baselworld this year. Then, as now, this piece of jewellery still wins admirers with its pleasing surprise: “The Mystery Sphere is an eye-catcher in any jewellery store. Ten years have come and gone, but the idea is as fascinating as ever,” adds Heinz.