Kimberlite Diamond Four Seasons necklaces

juin 24, 2019

Beauty of the seasons

Kimberlite Diamond transformed the four seasons into delightful high jewellery

In 2016, the ‘Twenty-Four Solar Terms’ of China’s traditional agricultural calendar – a means of organising society and labour more than two thousand years old – were officially included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Now, Kimberlite Diamond has interpreted the meaning of the ancient concept in the high jewellery collection ‘Beauty of Seasonality’. 

The collection has been designed by Zichun Lin (28), the company’s designer for the past five years. As a student of art history and contemporary jewellery, she is in charge of the production of upwards of ten large signature pieces every year, and her work is characterised by layers that give a three-dimensional look and an architectural feel to the pieces, as well as the use of size-graduated diamonds.  

Kimberlite Diamond Winter Tranquility necklaceFour large necklaces organise the collection into the seasons: Spring Harmony, Summer Esprit, Autumn Harvest and Winter Tranquillity. The Awakening Leaves necklace from the Spring Harmony line features a streamlined unity of intricate repeating geometric shapes in verdant colours contrasted with a diamond shine, set in life-like patterns of vivid leaves.
The Seaside Coconut Breeze necklace from the Summer Esprit features the palm leaves of a coconut tree, the universal symbol of the beauty and heat of summertime. The Clouds Reflected in Water from the Autumn Harvest line takes the autumnal equinox, a time of harvest and golden twilight, as its inspiration. The neck-ring’s fluid form is meant to resemble that of terraced fields in a landscape worked by a farmer. The Infinite Landscapes of the Winter Tranquillity line is a culmination of winter itself. The necklace uses a minimalistic linear technique to outline the natural appearance of the Yulong Snow Mountain in Yunnan, where layer after layer of snow piles up to form a stunning winter wonderland.