Paphael Wagner, Bijouti, working with the cube-shaped DaDo

mai 24, 2019

Laser welding for every need

Exhibitors showed the broad spectrum of technology

Laser welders enable their users to work very quickly and with high quality. These advantages explain why this technology has firmly established itself in the jewellery industry. Baselworld visitors could examine the true advantages of the laser welding process for themselves. A selection of these devices were on display in Hall 4, where, for example, Bijoutil has been presenting the DaDo laser welding machine. The name says it all: ‘Dado’ means ‘cube’ in Italian. This device has a cubic shape and is therefore more compact than conventional machines.

Sisma's LM-D product family“But the really phenomenal aspect is the price,” says Francis 
Schaeffert, Head of Back Office at Bijoutil. In the past, anyone who wanted to work with laser welding technology had to be prepared to pay a little more than for alternative methods. DaDo, on the other hand, can be purchased for less than 5,000 Swiss francs. “This puts us in the same price range as electric welding equipment,” says Schaeffert, who adds that DaDo is also very easy to operate. The machine can be operated either manually or via an app on a tablet or smartphone. Simply unpack it, set it up, fill it with coolant liquid, download the app – and the laser welder is ready for use.

DaDo users can weld spots with Diameters ranging from 0.2 to 1.5 millimetres. The operator’s mobile devices display additional information about the laser welding process. “We designed DaDo in response to the needs of many customers who want to use economical and space-saving equipment,” Schaeffert explains.

Laser welding was also the focus of 
J. Schmalz’s presence at the show. This company has also been exhibiting DaDo on its stand, next to devices from Coherent and Sisma such as the LM-D product family, which uses Smart Spot technology. Developed to ensure a reproducible welding process, Smart Spot enables its users to simplify and thus shorten the time required for even the most complex working cycles. The manufacturer points out that the highly efficient dedicated filter ensures complete recovery of precious material. In addition, the devices offer a new ergonomic design and low operating noise.

Another technical highlight is an Eco mode, which switches off unused system components during idle times. The devices also offer USB and Ethernet connectivity, a barcode reader and full digital electronic control for accurate diagnostics, higher pulse stability and longer lamp life.

Another device from this series is the LM-D Ready. It offers easier access to the working area, which enables its operator to work even more quickly and intuitively.