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octobre 08, 2019

Leo Pizzo’s Butterfly Garden

The flutter of the butterfly brings a sense of airiness to Leo Pizzo’s Light Wings collection

Celebrating the fluttering movement of these delicate creatures, Leo Pizzo has truly captured the butterfly in flight. Delicate beating wings rise into the sky on necklaces and bracelets, while a selection of rings depict the butterfly at rest, as it settles for a moment, before taking off again.

Always in search of something new, Leo Pizzo’s Light Wings jewellery is crafted by the jeweller’s highly-specialized artisans in its workshop in Valenza, Italy. Using the fretwork technique, precious metal is meticulously removed until it resembles the refinement of lace. Simple and clean lines enhance the play on volume and proportion, resulting in a three-dimensional design that appears full and yet amazingly light.

Leo Pizzo Baselworld News Leo Pizzo Baselworld News

“I know women love to wear jewellery that enhances their beauty, but at the same time it has to be practical and light,” shares Leonzio Pizzo. “To create this new collection I took inspiration from the feminine soul, so precious, impalpable, and which comes in a thousand shades, just like the wings of a butterfly.”

Leo Pizzo Baselworld News Leo Pizzo Baselworld News

Available in rose, white or yellow gold and set with pavé diamonds, these contemporary necklaces, bracelets and rings express all the grace and beauty of the butterfly in motion.

Leo Pizzo

Precise attention to details and high quality materials used: gold, diamonds and precious stones. It is the deep experience and taste that let Leo Pizzo create very exclusive jewels for a demanding and selective clientele.

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