Scene from the Born to be Wild collection clip by Messika

mai 27, 2019

A diamond road movie

With her new high jewellery collection entitled Born to Be Wild, Valérie Messika takes us to the desert in pursuit of the American Dream, all in wonderful technicolour

Imagine a Paramount Pictures backdrop, with its wide open spaces and the sun shining and glinting on diamond-studded jewellery against the blue sky, like stars in the heavens. The new Born to Be Wild high jewellery collection launched at Baselworld depicts the beauty of diamonds against a Hollywood movie backdrop.

“In creating this collection, I was mainly thinking of road movies like Thelma and Louise by Ridley Scott”, explains Valérie Messika. With a focus on feminine jewellery, she offers us diamond-studded head adornments for queens of the desert and bracelets worn at the top of the arm.

Messika elaborates: “The spirit of this collection is very free with a cool attitude and a love of adventure as celebrated in the film Easy Rider, paying tribute to the famous Route 66, which made the song Born to be Wild popular in 1969!”

She has therefore increased the number of her neo-jewellery pieces with double-finger rings, earcuffs and XXL earrings, as worn by great stars such as Beyoncé or Charlize Theron at recent red-carpet events such as the Grammy Awards.

“I am still keeping things very French of course, and am particularly inspired by fashion, but I am also fascinated by the power of nature. For me, the United States is both the desert and Palm Springs in California. However, it is a landscape that I will continue to explore from a creative point of view.”

The adventure on Route 66 is just starting for Messika, and it already seems to be covered in diamonds.

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