Marco Broggian, Managing Director of Broggian Diffusione

juillet 23, 2019

Italian elegance

Marco Broggian defines himself simply as the voice telling the story of the MIMI jewellery creations

Marco Broggian, Managing Director of Broggian Diffusione, of which the MIMI brand is part, immediately points out that “our jewellery is the expression of style and values born with the company and with our family, which continue today with the same spirit. And it could not be otherwise, as our company is still almost entirely family-owned.”

Have the changes that have taken place in the world of jewellery also affected the structure of your company in any way?

Marco Broggian: Of course. In the last two years, the natural evolution of business strategies – which must keep pace with the equally natural and inevitable evolution of the markets to ensure good performance and growth – have led to the acquisition of new managerial personnel of international standing, such as our recently appointed head of marketing. It is a question of “falling in with the rules of the game”, although that doesn’t mean failing to retain an identity that has always been cultivated.

Have your communication strategies also undergone this evolution?

We always consider local initiatives of great importance, namely initiatives that enable our customers to make contact with the end customer and that, in any case, have a particularly modern, and original imprint, far removed from the classic clichés. They must also reflect a joyful mood of lightness. The evolution of the markets I mentioned also implies a new vision of communication and, as a result, a commitment to and investment in social media and the opportunities offered by the internet have increased. Maximum attention is paid to strategies in this field, not only to make sure we use the media with the greatest impact but also to correctly convey our image and, above all, our identity.

How do you define this identity? And how is it expressed?

It is unquestionably Italian in style, combining chic and minimal elegance with ultra-modern influences; an identity that reflects that of our city, Milan, an authentic avant-garde crucible of ideas and experiences. This is evident in the iconic new Tam Tam collection, which plays on contrasts, minimalist style and the preciousness of its materials – gold and diamonds, mother-of-pearl and onyx – and where modularity is a further strong point.