Chiara Carli, Creative Director and co-owner of the Italian jewellery brand Pesavento

juin 05, 2019

“A benchmark for the luxury market”

Pesavento strengthens its position in the windows of the best jewellers

Chiara Carli, Creative Director and co-owner of the Italian brand Pesavento, talks about the choices that have written a new page in the history of silver jewellery. From the idea of jewellery for all occasions to the latest great new arrival: the jewel in gold and Diamond Dust.

Pesavento is associated with the concept of evolved luxury. What exactly do you mean by this?

Chiara Carli: Our vocation is to create refined, evolved jewels that can excite and seduce. The brand has a strong and constantly developing stylistic identity. Our pieces are made-to-measure for the woman of today, because they can be worn in the morning before going to work and can continue to be worn until the evening, whatever the situation. And, very importantly, the jewellery must be comfortable and practical.

Are you also betting on gold this year?

Our core business remains the silver collections, which again this year have acquired many new features. It’s also true that for some years now we’ve been focusing on selective distribution, and the high-end stores have also discovered that Pesavento is a benchmark for the luxury market. That’s how the idea was born to present a collection in gold and Diamond Dust with our stylistic imprint. The test we did in January was a great success, and so we have launched the 18k Gold Diamond Dust line at Baselworld.

Can you tell us something more about the new line?

With great pleasure. First of all I would like to point out that for us gold means 18-karat only. About the rest, the new products are divided into two collections: Basic, continuing our history with its clean lines and hollow pipe working; and Cocktail, with its geometric, square, rather small forms and rather reminiscent of Jolie, one of our best silver sellers, that likewise is always an ideal piece to be worn. Naturally, all models are illuminated by Diamond Dust: dark grey for white gold, and white for pink gold.

And your current target?

To continue on the road of consolidation. Recognisability and constant innovation are rewarding us. We are not increasing our outlets, but the revenues of individual outlets that are giving us more and more space. They have come to know us, as have many consumers, through social networks. On Facebook we already have over 50,000 followers, and over 7,000 on Instagram. The loyalty of the end customer is leading us to create a community, to involve them more and more in the story of and news about our brand. But I would like to say one last thing: E-commerce is not part of our plans. We invite followers to buy our jewels in a store, where there are professionals who know how to present them.

Is Baselworld the ideal showcase for your plans?

Certainly, Baselworld remains the meeting point for customers from all over the world, thanks also to the presence of brands that are a beacon for the world of watchmaking and luxury in general. We are present in many of the dealerships of those brands. There are high-profile customers from far away countries that we can only meet here.