Roberto Coin, CEO of Roberto Coin

avril 17, 2019

“The requirements have changed”

The legendary Venetian jeweller Roberto Coin talks about social responsibility, changing customers’ tastes and business lessons learned from life.

He is one of the greatest jewellers of all time and is distinguished by his constant social commitment, ranging from his involvement in charities to support for campaigns for ethical jewels, a cause he has been championing for many years now. One commitment, however, appears to demand increasing amounts of energy: Every year, Roberto Coin presents a variety of new products designed for women’s tastes and the wide range of prices demanded by today’s customers.

Why do you exhibit at Baselworld?

Roberto Coin: Because Baselworld attracts a high-calibre international clientele, which is the natural target group of the Roberto Coin brand. These are customers who deserve a lot of attention from us, as their requirements have definitely changed from what they used to be. The trend is towards more frequent purchases, sometimes with fewer expensive pieces since most people today want to buy more often. In other words, the so-called ‘jewel for eternity’ has become more of a rarity. Then of course there is a demand for first-class services. Fortunately, we have managed to satisfy all of these needs and have established an outstanding reputation. Customers and consumers are also paying a great deal of attention to the ethical aspect.

You mean social responsibility?

Exactly. Computers and retailers are increasingly aware of the traceability of products and raw materials, from diamonds to gold. This was something that concerned us in times when there was less awareness, before it became a matter of public concern: More than twenty years ago, I was among the founders of the World Diamond Council. And long before the international certification system came into being, I started buying metal and diamonds exclusively from safe sources.

Roberto Coin Rock Diamonds

Which new collections are you presenting this year?

As in every year, we are trying to offer a good selection of new ideas compared with what you can find on the market: diverse styles, a variety of colours and different price classes. The new models in the Rock & Diamonds collection, for example, ideally combine the essence of gold and diamond jewellery with a contemporary spirit. And, as the name implies, it manages to convey positive vibrations through a little bit of rock.

What about your projects after Baselworld?

We recently opened a store in the Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall. At present, we are preparing for the opening of a strategically positioned franchise boutique in Baku, Azerbaijan. And then, I must confess that – now that I’m no longer quite so young – I would like to have more time for myself as well as a little for the charities that I have always been committed to. Fortunately, my younger son intends to become more involved as soon as he has graduated. Not long ago, I had a call from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice asking me to speak to future managers. One of the things that I said and repeated to them was that life is not just about business...


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