Roberto Coin Sauvage Privé

juin 18, 2019

Contemporary femininity

Sauvage Privé by Roberto Coin: a meeting between essentiality and passion

Passion and essentiality are characteristics that for Roberto Coin identify the woman of the future. Characteristics that the Venetian jeweller has happily expressed in his design of the Sauvage Privé collection, which at Baselworld was enriched with new models. 

A surprising collection, because it is also very different from all the others signed by him, and comes in two distinct looks: one with a decidedly extraordinary character, which is expressed in a very original style of stones, almost bizarre compared to traditional jewellery, and the other that appears instead highly rigorous and symmetrical. 

The choice of stones contributes to the originality of the collection: in Sauvage Privé we do not find classic gems, but the unusual malachite and black jade. The selection of raw materials could not be stricter: only 20 per cent of malachite and raw jade is accepted, and, after being cut, only half of the stones actually pass the final selection and are set. The natural design of malachite makes each jewel a unique piece: in order to ensure the symmetry of earring design, the craftsmen from the Roberto Coin team cut each stone in two halves. The 18k gold alloy has a peach colour and a composition that allows perfect mirror polishing.


Roberto Coin S.p.a.

Finest handmade gold jewelry with diamonds and colored gemstones. Brand author of many trends, Roberto Coin's creations are considered exclusive mix of imagination, creativity and aesthetic sensitivity, true works of art.

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