Rosy Blue diamonds

juillet 16, 2019

Outstanding colours

Rosy Blue’s eye-catching diamonds have been clearly a highlight at Baselworld this year

As part of consumer interest in the ethical conduct of suppliers of luxury goods and the backgrounds of raw materials, the question of the geographical origins and traceability of diamonds is becoming a matter of great interest, receiving a lot of attention. Raj Mehta, Director of Rosy Blue, has a natural vested interest in the subject, as D-flawless, orangy yellow and clear, saturated pink diamonds have been among the outstanding highlights the company brought to Baselworld. “As can be expected, we are of course able to document the origins of our most eye-catching diamonds,”, says Raj Mehta. “The single D-flawless longish emerald-cut diamond of 11.54 is from Lesotho – the small diamond kingdom in South Africa that provides some excellent D-flawless roughs these years – and the 10.01 carat orangy yellow is from Canada. Each origin has its strong points.”

Rosy Blue manufactures and polishes diamonds in Belgium with state of the art technology for the most exceptional brilliance and fire, and the company has been dealing with many shapes and sizes for decades – even 100 carat plus diamonds on a frequent basis. “For me, the outstanding diamond experiences have been many over the years. However, the selection this year pinpoints our speciality – that we are able to fulfil the wishes of all of our clients of all nationalities, no matter their desire for diamonds”. 


Rosy Blue

Our close relationships with the world’s diamond mining companies mean we can depend on an unrivalled supply of rough diamonds. In turn, this means we can assure our clients of a consistent, regular supply, well into the future. Our rough sourcing and polished diamond divisions are in continuous, open communication, enabling us to tailor our procurement as much as possible to the demands of our customers at the time. As a company proud of its high ethical standards, we are naturally extremely careful to verify the provenance of every rough diamond we buy.

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