7.02 carat cushion-cut Burma ruby in a ring-making

mars 22, 2019

Rubies rules and 
sapphires shine

While unheated Burma rubies are increasingly hard to find in the market, a superb selection is available in Hall 3

It has once been said that even the rarest of beautiful gemstones are only found in abundance in one place – and that is at Baselworld during spring. This rings true right now as when you walk around Hall 3, you can see and enjoy one amazing display after another, so that even the most discerning of buyers are sure to find specimens to fall in love with. 

A 10.65 carat squarish-cushion cut royal blue Sri Lanka sapphireVeerasak Gems (3.1, D07) source their rubies rough from Burma and Mozambique. President Veerasak Trirotanan testifies to buying the biggest lots from Mozambique, as the company cuts the roughs themselves. He himself has more than 40 years of experience in buying rough rubies from Burma, and on these rubies he will do the preforming himself. “We produce every size, cut and quality, and Baselworld is the most important show for us during the year. We also deal in Burmese sapphires, but rubies are the most important gemstone for us”, he says.  When it comes to ruby demands, there are no doubts in his mind, nor does his voice waver. “There is a big demand for inclusion-free larger-sizes rubies, but since these are very difficult to find, demand much exceeds supply”. When asked for a recommendation for a sensible buy, he immediately recommends Mozambique rubies. 

Gabriel Ammar  of Joseph Gad (3.1, D39) confirms the demand for unheated rubies at the company stand, but is also quick to add that they are harder and harder to find in Burma. President William Hakimi, A. Hakimi & Sons (3.0, D31), has been fielding a lot of demands for fine unheated Mozambique rubies, and the most popular sizes appear to be in the range from 1 to 15 carats. However, when it comes to shapes and cuts, everything goes, so Hakimi is happy to be able to supply the market with a range of singles, matched pairs and layouts.

Surrounded by beauty, co-owner Sam Rahmanan, Sara Gem (3.1, D33) is adjusting a necklace layout of fancy-colour sapphires. He is not entirely happy with it, so he is working it over to get it just perfect. And of course Sam Rahmanan succeeds, because with an unparalleled stock of sapphires and rubies and decades of experience, there is nothing which cannot be achieved. “We have found that Kashmir and Burma sapphires are always in demand, especially if they are unheated. Larger – from 30 carats and upwards – heated sapphires have not moved so fast for us in the past few seasons, so at Baselworld, we are happy to present a large selection of unheated gemstones,” says Sam. His brother, Ron, finishes with a declaration of love for corundum. “It is a privilege to sell such beautiful gemstones. We love and appreciate them, and we are always happy to have repeat customers, because we get to share our love for the gemstones with them”.