Scarselli Diamonds Eye of the Dragon fancy intense yellow round brilliant diamond

mai 07, 2019

Eye of the dragon

Scarselli Diamonds brought this year’s largest GIA-graded fancy intense yellow round brilliant diamond to Baselworld

The “Eye of the Dragon” weighs more than 50 carats, is of VS quality and is currently set in a clasp. Family-run and -owned, Scarselli Diamonds is a company known for its involvement in and manufacturing of sizeable yellow canary diamonds. With offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Scarselli Diamonds finds the Asian market is gaining in importance and, accordingly, it has chosen to name the 50-carat diamond in honour of the all-important imperial dragon.

2 carat vivid green diamond set in a flower ring, GIA-certified, from Scarselli DiamondsAt Baselworld, the company also presented a vast selection of blue, green and yellow diamonds. “Personally, I am in love with shades of green. Blue may be a rich colour, but green moves me culturally,” says partner Bruno Scarselli. “I am especially happy to showcase a 2 carat vivid green diamond set in a flower ring. It is the only known vivid green diamond of this size that the industry knows of, and as a side note, we have chosen to have it set surrounded by D, E and F coloured diamonds and intense pink diamonds, that are all GIA-certified”, he says. 

In addition to the magnificent green diamond, Scarselli Diamonds also brought vivid blue, fancy blue and intense blue diamonds, from 1 to 10 carats in weight; the pink selection ranges from fancy and intense to vivid, from 2 to 10 carats.

Scarselli Diamonds

SCARSELLI DIAMONDS offers the highest quality commercial and investment grade yellow, pink and blue diamonds in an array of sizes and shapes. They are known worldwide as masters in the art of colored diamonds, the Scarselli family possesses an extensive inventory of special and unique stones of spectacular quality, clarity, cut, make and brilliance as well as their, much sought after, signature jewelry pieces.

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